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These images were created by assembling parts of images into a new whole.

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16x20 $595      8x10 $295

No. 1
Engine Dazzed, 16x20
Engine Dazzed, 8x10

No. 2
Left then Right, 16x20
Left then Right, 8x10

No. 3
1414 Engine, 16x20
1414 Engine, 8x10

No. 4
Ode to Escher with Stairs, 16x20
Ode to Escher with Stairs, 8x10

No. 5
Unclear Chelsea, 16x20
Unclear Chelsea, 8x10

No. 6
Engine Mashup 3053, 16x20
Engine Mashup 3053, 8x10

No. 7
Tractor Mystery 2491, 16x20
Tractor Mystery 2491, 8x10

No. 8
Random Stuff in Love, 16x20
Random Stuff in Love, 8x10

No. 9
The Trucks at 6AM, 16x20
The Trucks at 6AM, 8x10

No. 10
After the Rain, 16x20
After the Rain, 8x10

No. 11
Day in the Country, 16x20
Day in the Country, 8x10

No. 12
Which Side is Uptown, 16x20
Which Side is Uptown, 8x10

No. 13
The Blue Window, 16x20
The Blue Window, 8x10

No. 14
Perplexed, 16x20
Perplexed, 8x10

No. 15
Veranda (Reflection), 16x20
Veranda (Reflection), 8x10

No. 16
Gears and Stuff, 16x20
Gears and Stuff, 8x10

No. 17
Veranda 22, 16x20
Veranda 22, 8x10

No. 18
2413-4, 16x20
2413-4, 8x10

No. 19
Engine Repair, 16x20
Engine Repair, 16x20

No. 20
Engine Enchained, 16x20
Engine Enchained, 8x10

No. 21
Moteur fou, 16x20
Moteur fou, 8X10

No. 22
Moteur pour de vrai, 16x20
Moteur pour de vrai, 8X10

No. 23
Equipement confus, 16x20
Equipement confus, 8X10

No. 24
En haut est en panne, 16x20
En haut est en panne, 8X10

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